Satisfaction amongst NHS Direct users

NHS Direct needed to evaluate the experience of callers to its health information helpline.

How did IFF illuminate the facts with research?

IFF’s extensive programme of research provided NHS Direct with a responsive measure of satisfaction among users of the service. Interviews could often be of a sensitive nature, with some respondents having called NHS Direct over serious health complaints. With this in mind, all IFF interviewers working on the project were selected due to their experience on similarly sensitive studies.

We conducted 750 telephone interviews every month in order to deliver robust results. The tight monthly timetable meant the project was always on-going with a new wave starting just as the findings of the last month were being submitted.

Research summary reports were provided on a monthly basis. A rolling average satisfaction index was established to monitor performance over time. A composite satisfaction score was NHS Direct’s primary board-level KPI for month-on-month performance monitoring, while a net promoter score provided a secondary means of analysis.

Recent case studies