Retirement choices: Exploring the new retirement journey

A syndicated programme of qualitative research amongst upcoming retirees, and those that have retired since the new pensions freedoms came into effect in 2015.

How does IFF illuminate the facts with research?

Since changes to DC pension regulations came into effect, there have been numerous unanswered questions as to how upcoming retirees are planning to use their savings to provide for themselves in retirement, and how this translates into opportunities for financial services companies. There is still little consensus on a clear best way to utilised DC pension holdings, and this research explored the factors, trade-offs and retirement goals of those now able to access substantial DC pension savings.

This syndicated programme of research is designed to understand the evolving needs of DC pension holders that can now access their savings, and preferences regarding the products and services that they may use to maintain their finances in retirement.

Each wave of the programme consists of six focus groups, stratified by age (all over 55+) and DC pension savings (£50k – £250k). Specific focus groups conducted are amongst those that have accessed their DC pension savings since April 2015.

It covers a wide range of topics that impact on retirement finances including personal and financial goals, the impact of digitisation, financial advice and guidance, product consideration, health and wellbeing and intergenerational wealth transference.

IFF’s Retirement Choices research provides subscribing clients with a holistic understanding of the new retirement journey, delivering clear insights into the changing nature of retirement finances.

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