DWP new disability benefit claim process

The Department for Work & Pensions needed research to inform the design of the claim process for Personal Independence Payment, a new disability benefit.

How did IFF illuminate the facts with research?

IFF’s research helped the DWP identify that applicants needed to have a positive experience of claiming for the new Personal Independence Payment, as well as to have trust in the decision reached by the DWP.

Feedback gathered from our research allowed the DWP to refine a range of elements involved in applying for the new benefit, in order to make them more user-friendly and self-explanatory, minimising confusion and maximising trust.

IFF gathered the insight by conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups with a range of disabled people drawn from a 1,000-strong panel that had been put together for the purpose. Where applicable, we included the involvement of their carers and other representatives who manage their affairs.

Following these groups, we conducted a number of projects looking at specific elements – such as scoping out the entire digital claim process and the values it needed to embody, evaluating how user-friendly the prototype process was, and simulating the user journey via a series of face-to-face focus groups and role-plays, as well as telephone calls.

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