DfE ‘EHC Experience’ Survey of getting an Education, Health and Care Plan

The aim of the study is to understand how families and young people are experiencing the process of getting an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

How does IFF illuminate the facts with research?

IFF is working with the University of Derby to develop a survey tool that can be applied as a robust, large scale survey of service-users’ experience so that comparable statistics can be gathered at a local authority and national level.

The challenges of this project are to develop a survey tool that is accessible to children, young people and their families and can capture data from all sectors of this population. It must be receptive to analyses of the equitability of the service to these different user groups and able to deliver a valid and representative sample.

Findings from this study will allow local authorities’ performance to be benchmarked nationally, as a means of encouraging accountability and driving improvement. It will also generate formative insights into how EHCP process can be improved. Click here to view details of this survey

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