Construction learning and training research for CITB

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) need to understand the attitudes and motivations of employers regarding learning and training.

How did IFF illuminate the situation with research?

IFF’s research on the Attitudes and Motivations of Employers regarding Learning and Training provides CITB with regular, flexible feedback on topical issues in the construction sector. CITB uses the findings in its performance reporting, the development and marketing of its products and services for the sector, and more generally in its evidence-based business planning.

CITB researchers found many parts of the organisation had research needs, but often on topics that did not justify their own survey. IFF worked closely with CITB to develop a flexible, regular tool to gather the views of employers on a range of topical issues.

IFF has undertaken 17 waves of the Employer Panel study since 2005, each involving initial qualitative work followed by a large-scale quantitative study involving 1,000-1,500 employer interviews. Each wave covers around 5-8 research topics.

Issues that have been covered include:

  • Key business challenges
  • Apprenticeships
  • Health and safety training
  • Media coverage of the sector
  • Sustainability in construction
  • Carbon-reduction
  • Relevance of construction-specific qualifications
  • Quality of local training providers
  • The use and skills of non-UK workers.

This annual study is supplemented by smaller though more frequent quarterly employer dip surveys, collecting the views of a sample of 100 employers to identify any emerging trends.

Recent case studies