BIS models for innovation support for business

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills needed research to measure the impact that various innovation-related funds have had on the businesses receiving them.

How did IFF illuminate the situation with research?

IFF provided valuable insight into innovation activities undertaken by businesses in receipt of various forms of funding, and the contextual factors underpinning their desire to innovate. We conducted a quantitative telephone survey of businesses that had applied for innovation funding, comparing two groups – those that received funding, and those that didn’t.

Comparisons between the groups led to an assessment of the effectiveness of these interventions, as well as making it possible to unpick the extent to which the funding itself was driving the innovation activity.

Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the business support and innovation landscape enabled swift and efficient questionnaire development and survey design.

We were able to complete the fieldwork within two weeks, maximising response from the very limited number of records available, using our in-house telephone centre. Our interviewing team is highly experienced in business-to-business fieldwork of this kind, particularly in dealing with senior decision-makers.

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