BIS Growth Voucher programme evaluation

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills wanted to see how small businesses that receive strategic business advice compare with those that do not.

How did IFF illuminate the situation with research?

IFF’s evaluation has given BIS an early indication that receiving business advice does have a degree of impact for employers, making them more likely to implement new plans and systems following their involvement with the Programme. Future waves of research will show whether this is having a material impact on measures such as turnover, staff numbers and profitability.

Our evaluation of the Growth Vouchers Programme is a complex, multi-method research project. At the core of the evaluation is a large-scale, longitudinal survey of participating businesses. IFF has brought considerable experience to the table in this respect, and we have been able to secure high response rates across the board.

The programme operates a Randomised Control Trial design, with the evaluation built into the scheme itself. The aim is that the evaluation not only answers the initial questions, but also feeds back valuable insights about the running of the Programme throughout the delivery phase.

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