• Fintech Beacon

    Lighting the way to a better understanding of new digital users in financial services.

IFF has built a qualitative research community of engaged users of digital-only banks and robo-advice based investment platforms that enables cost-effective and quick turnaround research with a niche, but growing, consumer segment. A project could cost less than £10k and be completed in a matter of days!

For information on our methodology, our community membership and personas and our full rate card download our brochure here:

Who should use Fintech Beacon?

  • Are you are a traditional provider? Fintech Beacon will give you insight into how your competitors are rapidly growing their customer base.
  • Are you a fintech company? Fintech Beacon will give you insight from beyond your existing customers to help you understand competitor offerings and grow your market share.

How to use it?

Fintech Beacon can be used to support informed decision making across a number of areas including:

  • Product innovation
  • Test marketing/communications material
  • Explore user experiences
  • Build a richer understanding of users needs and motivations

Access exclusive insight from this community through our knowledge portal

We have been conducting our own research with this community which can be accessed through our ‘Bright Ideas’ knowledge portal – download exclusive papers, sector-specific blogs and watch our latest webinars.

For more information please contact Georgina Clarke or submit an enquiry below:

E: georgina.clarke@iffresearch.com
T: 020 7250 3035

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