BIS Employer Investment in Apprenticeships & Workplace Learning

Employer Investment in Apprenticeships and Workplace Learning: the Fifth Net Benefits of Training to Employers Survey. This was a joint study conducted for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) by IFF Research and the Institute for Employment Research (IER).

How does IFF illuminate the facts with research?

The study investigated in detail the costs and benefits employers derive from Apprenticeships and from Workplace Learning (WPL). The study involved 80 case study interviews with employers across eight sectors (Business administration, Construction, Engineering, Financial services, Health and social care, Hospitality, Retailing, Transport and logistics).

The research estimated the total costs borne by the employer (covering fees, wages, supervision, materials etc.), the payback period for recouping those costs, the reason for investing in Apprenticeships and WPL, how training decision are made, and the perceived benefits of having made the investment.

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